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Fast Company:

5 Dead-Simple Ways to Manage Your Money

Use BillGuard to pipe all your accounts into one eye-pleasing dashboard. The app features identity protection from Experian and alerts you to charges being made from faraway locations. ... Read More
Forbes billguard

Best for Tracking Spending: BillGuard

An easy interface and tools for comparing your month-to-month spending across categories and customizable sub-categories make the free BillGuard app Shindy Chen’s favorite service for users looking to track their spending. ... Read More
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15 Very Cool Money Apps for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch version of BillGuard gives users a glanceable look at where their money is going and quick alerts for any suspected fraudulent activity. ... Read More
fast company billguard
Fast Company:

The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Israel

For identifying breaches of credit-card security. ... Read More
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Android Central:

App of the week: BillGuard

A friend told me about Billguard, and it ended my sadness over the state of my banking app. ... Read More
US News:

The Best New Savings Apps for Your Phone

“The app is helping people make sure they’re only paying for what they should be.” ... Read More
Verizon Mobile Living:

Why BillGuard is the Ultimate Personal Finance App

Want to manage all your personal finances but worried about tying your credit cards to a mobile app? Yaron Samid is here to put your worries to rest. ... Read More