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6 Start-ups Defining the Future of Finance

The next phase is to integrate BillGuard into online banking software so that when you, say, log into your Bank of America account and notice an odd charge, you can dispute it with one click. FinTech Lab helped push the company into that direction, Yaron Samid, CEO of BillGuard, said. ... Read More
Net Banker:

BillGuard Puts Extra Effort into Contacting Customers

I especially appreciated BillGuard’s extra effort during the aggregation process after I’d reestablished the login to my credit card…Excellent customer advocacy! ... Read More

Tech Gets the Wall Street Treatment at FinTech Innovation Lab Demo Day

Another FinTech Lab graduate, BillGuard, helps users uncover fraudulent credit card charges and get their money back in an efficient manner. Yaron Samid, the founder and CEO, told BetaBeat that his experience with the mentoring process was incredibly helpful because their company is not a traditional FinTech business. ... Read More

From Big Data to Games: NYC Startups Pitch FinTech Innovations

This year’s FinTech class is creating a range of new technologies for the financial industry… BillGuard uses big-data analytics and crowdsourcing techniques to alert consumer to potentially fraudulent credit-card charges. ... Read More
Pando Daily:

More Than Any Other Industry, FinTech Needs Accelerators

“In three months we became a financial technology company. Before that we were a consumer company trying to build an online security system,” Yaron Samid, CEO of BillGuard, told the audience. “Our mentors took us through puberty in three months and we now know how to work with a bank,” he said. ... Read More
The Wall Street Journal:

New York City Aims to Give Silicon Valley a Run for its Money

The biggest cost to the banks of fraud and billing errors was running the call centers to deal with the customers who’d already found the errors themselves. BillGuard can put a link on a bank’s website that connects the consumer to the merchant, bypassing the call center. ... Read More
American Banker:

Spy-Catching Software Enters Banks’ World

At least three of the companies who participated in the FinTech Innovation Lab — BillGuard, Centrifuge and Digital Reasoning — have employees that have worked on national security problems either abroad or in the United States. “We are all trying to protect the good guys, and we are all trying to catch the bad guys,” […] ... Read More