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Monitoring Services Watch for Credit Leaks

BillGuard is a relatively new company offering an innovative type of credit card protection. While traditional identity protection services focus on detecting fraud, BillGuard alerts consumers to deceptive or unwanted charges like misleading subscriptions, hidden fees, billing errors and scams. ... Read More
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Military to Mission Intelligence: A taste of startup life in Tel Aviv with Raphael Ouzan of BillGuard

Raphael Ouzan is the founder and CTO of BillGuard, a startup that is building ‘antivirus for bills’. The product basically runs registered credit and debit cards through automated checks to look out for strange patterns or problems that might be a sign of billing errors or other issues. These issues are then compared with others […] ... Read More

Europe’s 100 hottest startups 2012: Tel Aviv

BillGuard describes itself as “people-powered anti-virus for bills”. When a charge has been flagged by a BillGuard user, it alerts others if a similar one appears on their payment card. It also runs more than 100 automated fraud-detection tests on transactions. The company has raised $13 million from Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Innovation Endeavors and […] ... Read More
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The Biggest Threat to America

One tip to boost your cybersecurity: Use BillGuard to monitor your credit card. BillGuard is a free monitor for your credit and debit cards. ... Read More
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Startups Find Fertile Ground By Crunching ‘Big Data’

One company Siscovick has funded is BillGuard, which scours the Web for complaints about unwanted credit card charges, billing errors, scams and fraud. According to founder Yaron Samid, the service has saved customers $738,510 in its first year. ... Read More