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The Easy Peasy Guardian Against Bad Credit & Debit Card Charges

One of the main reasons why I frequent conferences such as Finovate and FinCon is to keep an eye out for innovative and interesting financial tools and startups — to which is one such nifty web app. ... Read More
Net Banker:

BillGuard is First Financial Service to Integrate with the New iPhone Passbook Wallet

Bottom line: It’s a great move for BillGuard, especially since it does not yet have a native mobile app. Now I can click on the Passbook icon and without logging in, quickly see the activity on all my registered cards, and whether there are any suspicious charges. ... Read More

BillGuard Puts Card-Fraud Detection in Apple Passbook App

With BillGuard on Passbook, users can track account balances and receive real-time alerts on suspicious charges on their card accounts… “As digital wallets bring increased convenience to consumers, BillGuard is looking ahead at the digital marketplace and is positioned to help bring a level of monitoring and protection to payment transactions.” said Mary Anne Keegan, […]
The Free Financial Advisor::

Why Aren’t We Saving More? Luke Landes interview BillGuard

Mary Anne Keegan from BillGuard tells us about a cool new FREE tool that people can use to stop those annoying credit card recurring charges that you can’t seem to get rid of (like old gym memberships or magazine subscriptions). ... Read More

BillGuard Review: Personal Credit Card Statement Watchdog

One of the cool companies that I met at Fincon2012 was BillGuard. BillGuard analyzes your credit card transactions and tells you if they find anything deceptive or fraudulent. The beauty if their system is that they collect all this information and they can see trends – companies behaving badly, trying to sneak fees or other […]

From Disrupt Runner-Up To $13 Million In Funding, BillGuard Tells All

BillGuard has come a long way in a short time. The company launched its SaaS product, which automatically scans your credit card statements for unwanted and fraudulent charges, in May of 2011 at Disrupt. Yet, BillGuard has since saved its users nearly $1 million in unwanted or fraudulent charges in just over a year.