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Online Money Management Tools Fail To Deliver

Ron Shevlin, author of the Aite Group report, thinks these tools will only catch on if they offer “strong advice capabilities.” Two he says that do this well:, which analyzes your credit card, wireless and TV bills and recommends alternatives (it’s parent company is Truaxis) and Billguard, which spots fraud charges on your credit- […] ... Read More
Yahoo! Finance:

Consumers Sucker-Punched by Sneaky ‘Gray Charges’

According to BillGuard, about 20 percent of its current users have incurred some type of gray charge. Among those users who have been affected, the average of these charges is about $350 a year, says Mary Anne Keegan, BillGuard’s chief marketing officer. ... Read More
Cult of Mac:

Passbook Gets New Apps, Services, Continues To Grow

Having these established companies join Passbook, as well as new startups planning to add Passbook support, like mobile app rewards network Kiip and Billguard, a credit card data company, can only be a sign that Passbook is here to stay, and may in fact turn into an indispensable part of our daily lives. ... Read More
PT Money:

BillGuard Review: Who’s Watching Your Credit Card Statements?

I like what the creators of BillGuard have done here…It’s an exciting time we live in where our collective data can help improve our financial lives and allow us to feel better about having not looked at our statements in a while. ... Read More

After Saving Users $1M BillGuard Integrates With Passbook To Track All Your Cards In One Place

One of our favorite startups, BillGuard, has become one of the first financial applications to integrate with Apple’s Passbook. Better yet, it’s bringing user credit and debit card info directly into Passbook without users having to rely on their banks to build Passbook-compatible apps for them. ... Read More

BillGuard Integrates with the New iPhone’s Passbook

With Apple’s Passbook app, BillGuard users don’t have to visit BillGuard’s online dashboard and can instead view their monitored credit cards within Passbook. It’s a sound move for BillGuard since it doesn’t have a native mobile app yet. ... Read More
Transaction World Magazine:

This Transparent and Honest Environment ... Read More