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BillGuard review

BillGuard is a financial protection website that analyzes your bills for fraudulent charges, which it pinpoints by crowdsourcing from its users…BillGuard does its job reliably, and it definitely feels secure. ... Read More
AGBeat:’s blog is completely devoted to the fight against unfair charges, and while not all forgotten charges are unfair, BillGuard is shedding light on practices (some ethical, others questionable) that businesses use to bill your card. ... Read More
NBC News:

Six ways merchants fill your credit card with unwanted “gray charges”

What do you call surprise charges on your credit card bill that aren’t fraudulent but are definitely unexpected and unwanted? Fraud-fighting firm calls them “gray charges,” and it says many consumer bills are laden with hundreds of dollars worth of them annually. ... Read More

“Grey charges” is a new term for when you buy something and then wind up purchasing something else you didn’t want, or didn’t ask for. BillGuard, a company that provides transaction monitoring and resolution services, says these charges are often the result of companies counting on the fact that people don’t read fine print or […] ... Read More

Are Gray Charges Bleeding Red Ink From Your Credit Cards? [infographic]

According to transaction monitors BillGuard…One in four consumers have been tagged with these gray charges, which typically accumulate like barnacles on your account as the years go by ... Read More

BillGuard Infographic Teaches Basics of “Grey Charges”

BillGuard, the company that offers financial-account fraud detection, released an infographic that shines a light on “grey charges” — the charges that are unwanted and unexpected but in which no fraud is involved. ... Read More
Huffington Post LIVE:

Tech Game Changers

OneReceipt’s Michael Altman and BillGuard’s Yaron Samid discuss high tech financial tools