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Video interview about BillGuard with Mary Anne Keegan

Mary Anne Keegan Talks About [Video Interview]   ... Read More
Fox News:

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft [Video Interview]

Take Charge with Jamie Colby. Robert provides advice on how consumers can protect themselves from identity theft and grey charges. ... Read More
Market Consensus:

BillGuard: One of the Top Banking Innovations of all Time

“BillGuard has brought together a leadership team of seasoned anti-fraud and data security professionals with experienced entrepreneurs. The company has built up leverage through its “People Powered” user crowdsourcing movement.” ... Read More
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BillGuard is Personal Finance Security

“BillGuard provides a beautifully combined view of all your credit and debit cards in one place and makes it easy to understand every charge on your statements. No more painstaking calls to the bank to explain unrecognized charges! BillGuard saves you both money and time, even helping you get your money back when needed.” ... Read More
The Jerusalem Post:

Sodastream, BillGuard lauded as top Israeli innovators

Israeli firm BillGuard took the No. 5 spot in the industry-specific category of the world’s top-10 most-innovative companies in finance “for scouring the Web to return $1 million in fraudulent charges and stalled refunds to debit- and credit card users.” ... Read More

How to Combat Identity Theft

“There are aspects of monitoring your individual card for individual transactions that go below the radar that banks are not capable of monitoring,” McLaren says. “We never had the answer to that, so BillGuard was a natural fit for us–it was the plug to the hole.” ... Read More
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New York’s FinTech Innovation Lab Links Startups to Big Banks

“We were an innovative consumer service when we went into the program,” said Yaron Samid, CEO of BillGuard which uses technology to monitor charge cards for fraudulent or inaccurate charges, “and we became a fintech company by the end.” ... Read More