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Experts Warn Of ‘Gray Charges’ When Paying Online, Over The Phone

If you purchase things on the internet or over the phone, you should probably pay closer attention to your monthly financial statements. ... Read More
CKCCI News 8:

Check your credit cards for grey charges

What you don’t know, apparently, can hurt you — every year companies can be skimming hundreds of dollars from your pocket ... Read More
CBS SF Bay Area:

ConsumerWatch: Some Customer Rewards May Lead To Mysterious Charges

Take a good look at your bank statement or credit card bill and there’s a decent chance you’ll find a mysterious charge for something you never purchased or can’t remember buying. These are known as “grey charges.” ... Read More

Here’s the “Deal” with LivingSocial’s Cyber-Attack

We’ve probably all seen this when making an online purchase- another offer or discount at checkout. You usually have to click or unclick the box. Be careful – if you don’t read the fine print you could be agreeing to another purchase! ... Read More
American Banker:

Analytics Startup BillGuard Has Flagged $50M in Suspect Charges

To date, the Silicon Alley startup has found roughly $50 million worth of grey (or fishy) charges, says the company’s chief executive Yaron Samid.   ... Read More