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Grey Charges Can Hit Seniors Hard

There’s even a free online start-up, BillGuard, that compiles complaints from banks and consumers, scans your credit-card statements for you, and lets you know when something suspicious pops up. ... Read More

Made in NY – Yaron Samid, CEO and Co-Founder of BillGuard

Today, we speak with Yaron Samid, Co-Founder and CEO of BillGuard, a free personal finance security service that uses crowdsourced big-data analytics to identify deceptive, erroneous and unauthorized charges to your credit or debit card bills. ... Read More
Business Insider:

The 20 Hottest Startups From Israel

BillGuard protects consumers against a kind of fraud-like activity it calls “grey charges.” That’s where companies sneak regular charges on your credit card. ... Read More
WNEM Saginaw:

Tough Questions: Catching Hidden Charges

Why are grey charges so widespread? McIntosh says our busy lifestyles often prevent us from reading our service contracts and bills as carefully as we should. ... Read More
NBC 7 San Diego:

How to Fight Hidden Charges

Financial Planner Steve Sexton with the Sexton Advisory Group says many of us pay “grey charges,” bills for things we didn’t order or don’t want. ... Read More
NBC 7 San Diego:

Small Grey Charges Add to Bills

VIDEO: NBC 7 reporter Consumer Bob talks to Steve Sexton about unexpected charges that can show up on cell phone bills. ... Read More
KPLR St. Louis:

Understanding Hidden Fees Called “Gray Charges”

There’s a new concern for consumers – one that could be costing them hundreds of dollars each year. They are called ‘grey charges’ and one in four people are paying them right now, most likely without knowing it. ... Read More