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ABC News:

Are You At Risk of Hidden Credit Card Charges?

Have you ever checked your monthly credit card bill, only to notice a charge you didn’t expect to see? If you have, you’re not alone. According to a new study from software company BillGuard and research firm Aite Group, there are roughly 233 million hidden ... Read More
Bloomberg TV:

Billguard Launches App Tracking Money Lost to Fees

Raphael Ouzan, founder at Billguard, explains his company’s product and how it allows users to track and recoup money spent on hidden fees. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” ... Read More
USA Today:

Consumers rack up 14.3 billion in gray charges

Collectively, consumers paid 14.3 billion in unwanted charges last year, according to the survey commissioned by BillGuard, an online service and app that tracks and alerts consumers to these kinds of charges and helps users dispute them. ... Read More

BillGuard on NBC TV Bay Area

The Next Web:

BillGuard launches for iPhone to combat the ‘$14bn’ lost by credit card users to hidden-fees and errors

BillGuard is a pretty ingenious idea for sure, insofar as users essentially help each other by flagging rogue charges, which help others recognize anything awry with their own accounts. ... Read More

Fin-Tec Startups Take On Wall Street’s Pain Points

Yaron Samid is the founder of BillGuard, which has raised $13 million to date as it develops an app that helps consumers track charges on their credit-card statements. ... Read More