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Business Insider:

21 Useful iPhone Apps We’re Obsessed With Right Now

There’s been a lot of news in the app world lately. Many of these app makers are raising a ton of money to enhance, remix, or try to take down kings like photo-favorite Instagram, travel comparison service Kayak, and even Apple’s own camera app. ... Read More
Pando Daily:

BillGuard makes a game of zapping fraudulent charges

When a Web-based service releases a mobile app these days, it’s not usually noteworthy. If the company wasn’t thinking mobile first, it’ll quickly have to become mobile second, which is often just an extension of its core functionality to the devices inexorably taking over our computing lives. ... Read More
NBC News:

Cost of ‘gray charges’ staggering

Remember to read the fine print. CNBC’s Sharon Epperson reports on so-called “gray charges” and their staggering cost.

Sneaky credit card charges can cost you hundreds

Sneaky charges hiding in your credit and debit card statements can add up to hundreds of dollars a year, a new study finds. ... Read More

YOUR MONEY-How to avoid ‘gray charges’ on credit card bills

A multibillion-dollar business has grown up around “gray charges” – extra credit card charges for products and services consumers never wanted or meant to sign up for. Some experts say these charges are deceptive and misleading, if not illegal ... Read More
Jean Chatzky:


Who among us, when presented with a pages-long “Terms and Conditions” agreement for something as simple as a $0.99 song on iTunes or a $10 ticket on Greyhound, hasn’t clicked “accept and continue” without reading all (or any) of the agreement? ... Read More
The Jerusalem Post:

Ghostly ‘grey charges’ cost $14.3 billion a year, study finds

It’s comforting knowing there is a team of people to help fight a personal financial zombie apocalypse. ... Read More