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PC Magazine:

The Best Free iPhone Apps of 2013

The BillGuard app connects you to your online credit card statements and flags merchants who frequently charge consumers for products or services they’ve either forgotten about or they didn’t know they were requesting. If another company is providing this kind of fantastic service as well or better than BillGuard, we haven’t heard of it yet. […] ... Read More

5 Finance Startups You Should Know

For the past three years, Fintech Innovation Labs has helped early and growth stage financial services technology startups develop. Since it has been a few months since Fintech’s class of 2013 had their Demo Day, NerdWallet thought it would be a good idea to get updates from some of the hottest finance startups around. ... Read More

What Is A Gray Charge And Why Is It Bad?

To keep money from leaking out of your pocket like a leaky molasses pipeline, you should avoid gray charges. A gray charge isn’t fraud, exactly. No one stole it from you but your own laziness and forgetfulness. ... Read More

Grey Charges: Yet Another Reason to Review Your Statements Each Month

If you don’t already pore over your credit card and bank account activity statements, you should really start. “Grey charges,” or small fees, subscriptions, renewals, and other charges that many of us don’t notice, can add up to hundreds of dollars each year, and are easily removed or reversed if you catch them. ... Read More

The 20 Hottest Startups in Israel

The Israeli startup scene needs little introduction. Tel Aviv is rapidly becoming one of the most innovative tech hubs on the planet, vying with London, New York and Berlin as Silicon Valley’s second. ... Read More
PC Magazine:

Review: BillGuard for iPhone

If everyone went over their credit card statements with a fine-tooth comb and reported any questionable or unwanted charges immediately, there wouldn’t be as much need for an iPhone app like BillGuard. ... Read More