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The Five Must Have Mobile Apps to Survive Holiday Shopping and Traveling

Spending and stress go hand-in-hand during the holidays. And regrettably for those who exceed their budgets, or fail to make one in the first place, January’s credit card bill could prove an epic financial burden that lingers well into the New Year. To keep you budgets and balances in check, BillGuard is a personal finance […] ... Read More
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Mobile Spending Management To Monitor Black Friday, And Monday…

BillGuard also offers personal spending records and analytics for iPhones now and Android in January. They started in fraud detection — I wrote them up last year when they were in the FinTech Innovation Lab, but they have since expanded into personal financial management. ... Read More

These companies around the world will scrutinize every purchase you make this shopping season

“The regular model of bank-centric or merchant-centric fraud protection is good. But it cannot take us to next level where you want protection from any kind of unwanted spending, which is a gray area,” says Raphael Ouzan, BillGuard’s co-founder. ... Read More
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BillGuard Creates Analytics, Savings Features

BillGuard, a fraud-flagging startup, is adding analytics and savings add-ons to its iPhone app, according to TechCrunch. Both new features — Smart Savings and Spend Analytics — will give users a heads up when there are merchant discounts on items they usually buy, while organizing spending into expense categories, according to the tech blog. The […] ... Read More
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By Tracking Spending and Finding Deals, BillGuard Hopes to Be Heir to

The BillGuard app will now help users save money, not just fend off bad charges. BillGuard, an iOS finance app that launched four months ago, would like to be the worthy successor to the seminal personal-finance site Mint, says CEO Yaron Samid. (And at least one early Mint employee tweeted that he’s already ready to […] ... Read More
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BillGuard for iPhone gets smarter with new savings alerts and spending analytics

Launched in the US in 2011, BillGuard sells itself as the world’s first ‘people-powered antivirus system for bills’. Its predictive algorithms alert users to unexpected charges such as hidden fees, billing errors, scams and fraud on credit card bills. It also issues alerts when a similar dubious charge has been flagged by other users. ... Read More

BillGuard Adds Analytics And Smart Savings Features To Its iPhone App

Personal finance startup BillGuard is launching an update to its iPhone app that will not only help users defend against fraudulent charges on their credit cards, but could also lead them to be more proactive with their money. The addition of new Spending Analytics and Smart Saving features will provide new tools for consumers to […] ... Read More