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5 Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2014

This trusty app was created to illustrate spending analytics with visual charts and colorful graphs aimed at lowering monthly expenses. It has timely updates on purchasing habits, saving alerts, protection from fraudulent charges, and other billing errors to enable one to become proactive with each dollar spent and (hopefully) saved. CNN Money and PC Magazine […] ... Read More
All Things D:

By Setting Debit Limits Following Target Breach, Chase Looking Out for Itself, Too

Yaron Samid, CEO of BillGuard, a service that monitors credit- and debit-card accounts for fishy transactions, called the Target offer “a nice gesture,” but a solution to the wrong problem. ... Read More
CBS News:

What to do next if you’re a Target card-theft victim

Even if you see a small unauthorized charge on the card, alert your bank, notes Yaron Samid, chief executive of BillGuard, which makes an app that tracks credit-card and debit-card accounts for consumers. Some sophisticated hackers will place “microcharges” on cards, since many consumers fail to notice them or don’t bother to report them. Such […] ... Read More
Mail Tribune:

Experts: Target breach reveals a broken card system

Sometimes criminals bolster the price of their wares by validating that the card is still active — a telltale sign that your account has been compromised. They do that by initiating a micro-charge of $2 or less, “something that you’re not going to call your issuer about,” said Yaron Samid, chief executive of startup BillGuard, […] ... Read More
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Target Card Data Breach: What Affected Customers Should Do

“The first thing is to not panic,” said Yaron Samid, CEO of BillGuard, a company that helps consumers monitor suspicious activity on their credit cards. “This is something that might not affect them in the next few days, but it could affect them in the next few months because their card numbers are in the […] ... Read More
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Millennials And Privacy: More Open To Sharing, But Also More Informed

Despite substantial differences, there’s a common thread among all generations when it comes to privacy, notes Samid: People will exchange privacy for value. In the case of BillGuard, participants trade account information for a service that aggregates it all to unearth suspicious charges. As Samid points out, however, the value offered in exchange for private […] ... Read More

How to handle Target’s data breach

“This could be something that hits your card months from now, so you need to continue to be vigilant,” says Yaron Samid, chief executive officer of BillGuard, a company that offers a free service monitoring credit and debit cards for unusual activity. ... Read More