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How to Monitor Your Own Credit, For Free, Forever

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer, but it also works as part of a personal, always-on credit monitoring profile. Use a service like Mint, Your Need a Budget, BillGuard, or another online, always-updated personal finance tool that connects with your banks to track your transactions. ... Read More
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Don’t Be a Victim of Fraud: 9 Simple Ways to Protect Your Financial Data

Consider using bill-monitoring services like BillGuard to keep track of any suspicious charges. If you’re one of the victims of the Target breach, use their free credit-monitoring services. Find out more information here. ... Read More

3 Ways The iPhone’s ‘Passbook’ Can Save You Cash

BillGuard users have saved over $1.1 million thanks to the app, which allows you to register your credit and debit cards, and then the app scans your charges to ensure that you aren’t facing hidden charges, fraud, or billing errors. This way, instead of reading through your statement at the end of the month and […] ... Read More
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Start your financial year off right with these money apps

While you’re at it, consider other wealth management tools, such as Personal Capital, Level Money and BillGuard, which flags you when it sees questionable charges on your credit card accounts. ... Read More
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Target data breach: 9 ways to protect yourself

But consumers do need to be prepared for the worst, said Yaron Samid, CEO of financial planning software maker BillGuard. “It seems like right now there’s almost an epidemic of malware at point-of -sale terminals,” he said. In today’s environment, “It’s just a matter of time before your information is compromised.” ... Read More
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Must-Have Financial Apps For 2014

Billguard: This iPhone app has the time and discipline to scour your credit card bill for unwanted “grey” charges, even if you don’t. It watches for those recurring items that you never intended to order by consolidating the experiences of other consumers. The app connects with your credit card providers using the name and password […] ... Read More
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12 Companies Moving Global Commerce Forward

The emergence of innovative software and apps is transforming the way payments are made and the global commerce ecosystem. Here are 12 companies which are making a significant impact on global commerce with innovative technology. ... Read More