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Best personal finance apps for iPhone

BillGuard lets you track all your credit cards and monitor all activity on them in once place. It’s even got Passbook support built right in so you can view where all your accounts stand at a glance. ... Read More

Get Your Financial House In Order With These 3 Life-Changing Apps

We know one of your New Year’s resolutions was to manage your money more responsibly, and since you’ve probably already failed, here are three financial apps to help you keep track of those mind-numbing finances, brought to you by founder, Amanda Steinberg. ... Read More
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BillGuard updates with unlimited, totally free credit card monitoring

I’m a huge fan of BillGuard and how great it is at monitoring charges across all debit and credit cards. Recently the service went completely free for an unlimited number of cards, which gives no one an excuse not to keep a tight fist on their finances, and fraud protection. ... Read More

Newfination: Yaron Samid Talks About BillGuard And Its Now Completely Free Service

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Fast Company:

The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Israel

For helping consumers fight fraud in an increasingly hack-prone financial system. BillGuard estimates that U.S. credit card users are billed $14.3 billion annually in “gray” (unapproved) charges. Its free app alerts consumers to those hidden amounts–think “free” magazine orders rolling over to paid subscriptions. ... Read More

BillGuard Drops Premium Service, Allows Users to Store an Unlimited Number of Accounts for Free

BillGuard has completely ditched its Premium model. Where once users were limited to storing and tracking information on only two cards/accounts, and had to shell out $9.99 to increase that number to ten, now they can simply download the app and set up an unlimited (yup, unlimited) number of accounts. ... Read More
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BillGuard Offers Free Card Fraud App For Mobile Phones

Target has offered its customers credit monitoring, which will let them know if their scores have changed, but BillGuard offers transaction monitoring which sees what is happening on a card now, CEO Yaron Samid added. “There’s no technological substitute for personal vigilance. The card numbers are out there, and the effect on your card could […] ... Read More