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BillGuard on Fox 5 New York

The New York Times:

App for Spotting and Disputing Dubious Charges

BillGuard focuses on helping you quickly spot possibly suspect transactions. Yaron Samid, BillGuard’s founder, says that while banks monitor customer accounts, much fraud is spotted by consumers after charges post to their accounts. BillGuard has helped users identify more than $1 million in fraudulent transactions since last year’s data breach at Target, Mr. Samid said. ... Read More

The best way to prevent fraud is to comb through your bank statements

BillGuard, which is launching in Canada this week, turns the onerous task of poring over bank statements into something most people can swipe through on their smartphones in just a few minutes. ... Read More
Mobile Syrup:

BillGuard’s money tracking and fraud protection app comes to Android, and expands to Canada

Unlike Mint, which lathers you with numbers and trends, BillGuard tends to keep things simple, and does a good job at showing you only the data you need to know. It supports all the major Canadian banks’ debit and credit cards. ... Read More
iPhone in Canada:

BillGuard Money Tracker iOS App Officially Launches in Canada

BillGuard today has officially launched in Canada to bring support for Canadian credit cards. The service helps identify grey charges (fraud, double charges, unwanted charges) and alerts you via push notifications and there’s also support for Passbook as well. ... Read More

BillGuard on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

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Billguard now available in Canada

Billguard, an app and service for tracking charges across all of your credit and debit cards, is now available in Canada. The app watches your purchases, keeps you on top of your spending, and can alert you to potentially fraudulent charges. ... Read More