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Manage your money with these apps

BillGuard focuses on protecting you from fraudulent charges. The app monitors your spending from your bank accounts and credit cards and helps you review your transactions to make sure everything is correct. If you see a mistake, you can request a refund from the vendor within the app. ... Read More

BillGuard on FOX & Friends

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Android Central:

Billguard’s card locations tell you when your card is used away from your phone

Billguard, the mobile app that helps protect you and your credit cards, is today announcing the public beta of an interesting new feature for Android users in the U.S. Card Location Alerts is a new feature they’re rolling out that ties your phone’s location data to your card usage. If your credit card is used […] ... Read More
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The Next Web:

BillGuard now uses your location to help combat credit card fraud

BillGuard will now tap your phone’s location to help protect against fraud, sending alerts when your card is swiped in a location it doesn’t recognize. When you opt-in to share your location, BillGuard begins tracking your phone’s location and attempts to match where you’ve visited with where your card has been used. When a match […] ... Read More
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BillGuard review: Mobile app stops credit card fraud

I’m most impressed with Billguard’s fraudulent charge protection. I installed the app and was notified of a charge for an automatic renewal I had not authorized. Later, the app notified me on two separate occasions when duplicate charges appeared on one of my credit cards. ... Read More

How to Protect Your Money From Cyber Attacks

[Aviv Raff] uses an app called BillGuard that collects all his account statements so he doesn’t have to log in to a lot of different sites to see them. BillGuard also alerts you when a store where you’ve shopped announces a data breach. ... Read More
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Best credit monitoring and management apps for iPhone

For spending analytics and advanced alerts on possible fraudulent activity, nothing beats BillGuard. ... Read More