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Medium (Jared Hecht):

Prosperity for Fintech

This is the first indication that there is an online lender out there that is thinking beyond the loan. ... Read More
Lend Academy:

Prosper Makes its Second Acquisition, a Personal Finance Company Called BillGuard

This deal provides Prosper with something that few marketplace lenders have: a valued added offering to engage potential borrowers before they need a loan. ... Read More

Prosper CEO Aaron Vermut on the BillGuard acquisition [CNBC]

Forbes billguard

Prosper’s BillGuard Acquisition Is A Sign That Alternative Lending Isn’t So Alternative

“I’ve long wanted to have a strategy for more deeply engaging with our customers in a way the engenders good feelings and trust,” [Prosper CEO] Vermut said. ... Read More
Wall Street Journal:

Online Lender Prosper Diversifies With Purchase of BillGuard

“We have a [loan] product that has a very strong value proposition for borrowers and investors, but [it’s] sort of a one-and-done,” Mr. Vermut said. “We wanted to have a deeper, stronger relationship with our customers.” ... Read More
Venture Beat:

Prosper Marketplace acquires personal finance-tracking startup BillGuard

BillGuard will continue to work on and iterate its existing service, while feeding into Prosper Marketplace, as it evolves beyond simple peer-to-peer lending into a more extensive financial management company. ... Read More
The New York Times:

Prosper Marketplace Adds to Lending Services With BillGuard Acquisition

“It really takes us from being a one-dimensional marketplace to potentially a multiproduct company providing more value,” [Prosper CEO] Vermut said. ... Read More