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The Appzine:

Manage your spending easily with BillGuard

Before discovering and reviewing this app I had to log into about 10 different websites to manage my money. It was a real pain. I now use BillGuard to manage my money and think it’s awesome! ... Read More
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BillGuard Goes Freemium with Integrated Credit Monitoring

Founder Yaron Samid says BillGuard provides essentially the same third-party monitoring as the $30/mo offering from Lifelock for one-fourth the cost. ... Read More
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BillGuard: The most powerful financial protection and monitoring app of the year

It does a lot more than just tracking your spending. In essence, it’s a three-in-one powerful monitoring app. ... Read More
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Let's Talk Payments:

BillGuard Offers New Identity Theft Protection Service for Mobile

BillGuard announced the release of the most advanced identity theft protection ever created labeled “BillGuard Ultimate.” The company combined its account fraud monitoring technology and mobile app with identity fraud protection features. ... Read More

BillGuard adds identity theft protection to its finance-monitoring app

Now paid users will be able to access a slew of new features through BillGuard, including surveillance alerts – Email / text notifications of “potential identity theft activity”. ... Read More
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The Next Web:

BillGuard offers new feature to protect against identity theft

The BillGuard update aims to make detection faster with credit monitoring, black market surveillance and a range of other features depending on the level you choose. ... Read More
148 Apps:

BillGuard Adds Identity Theft Protection with Pro and Ultimate Services

BillGuard has been keeping a watchful eye on your finances for a couple of years now, but today they’re teaming up with Symantec to allow mobile users to take advantage of an extra layer of protection – specifically, for identity theft. ... Read More