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How to stop sneaky ‘gray charges’ on credit card bills

Chicagoan Zach Moss once purchased a one-day Boingo Internet pass – and then started to get dinged $9.99 every month. After a few smartphone taps, BillGuard challenged those charges, and Moss got refunded for three full months. ... Read More
US News:

8 Ways to Get Your Spending Back on Track

Keep more cash in your wallet when you use online tools like the BillGuard app ... Read More
USA Today:

Protect your information after a data breach

Bruemmer suggests money-tracking app  BillGuard to keep look out for suspicious purchases. ... Read More
Wired UK:

BillGuard wants to make financial health checks as easy as taking a shower

How often do you check your bank statements and credit card statements? How often do you track your spending habits and work out how much money you’re spending each week, month or year? Chances are, probably not as often as you should. Raphael Ouzan is on a mission to change that. ... Read More
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The Appzine:

Manage your spending easily with BillGuard

Before discovering and reviewing this app I had to log into about 10 different websites to manage my money. It was a real pain. I now use BillGuard to manage my money and think it’s awesome! ... Read More
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BillGuard Goes Freemium with Integrated Credit Monitoring

Founder Yaron Samid says BillGuard provides essentially the same third-party monitoring as the $30/mo offering from Lifelock for one-fourth the cost. ... Read More
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BillGuard: The most powerful financial protection and monitoring app of the year

It does a lot more than just tracking your spending. In essence, it’s a three-in-one powerful monitoring app. ... Read More