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NBC News:

Cost of ‘gray charges’ staggering

Remember to read the fine print. CNBC’s Sharon Epperson reports on so-called “gray charges” and their staggering cost.

Sneaky credit card charges can cost you hundreds

Sneaky charges hiding in your credit and debit card statements can add up to hundreds of dollars a year, a new study finds. ... Read More
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BillGuard launches for iPhone to combat the ‘$14bn’ lost by credit card users to hidden-fees and errors

BillGuard is a pretty ingenious idea for sure, insofar as users essentially help each other by flagging rogue charges, which help others recognize anything awry with their own accounts. ... Read More

Made in NY – Yaron Samid, CEO and Co-Founder of BillGuard

Today, we speak with Yaron Samid, Co-Founder and CEO of BillGuard, a free personal finance security service that uses crowdsourced big-data analytics to identify deceptive, erroneous and unauthorized charges to your credit or debit card bills. ... Read More
American Banker:

BillGuard Provides Protection for Lemon Digital Wallet Users

The partnership is providing roughly 2.5 million Lemon Wallet customers the ability to catch fraudulent purchases on their cards. […] The pact [with Lemon] is pushing BillGuard closer towards its ultimate goal of creating a national database that will accurately flag dubious charges that cardholders might not otherwise notice. ... Read More
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Online Money Management Tools Fail To Deliver

Ron Shevlin, author of the Aite Group report, thinks these tools will only catch on if they offer “strong advice capabilities.” Two he says that do this well:, which analyzes your credit card, wireless and TV bills and recommends alternatives (it’s parent company is Truaxis) and Billguard, which spots fraud charges on your credit- […] ... Read More
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Military to Mission Intelligence: A taste of startup life in Tel Aviv with Raphael Ouzan of BillGuard

Raphael Ouzan is the founder and CTO of BillGuard, a startup that is building ‘antivirus for bills’. The product basically runs registered credit and debit cards through automated checks to look out for strange patterns or problems that might be a sign of billing errors or other issues. These issues are then compared with others […] ... Read More